Big Family of CleanShield Disposable Gloves

Since 2012. BlueShield® become first member of CleanShield®’s disposable gloves family. Year after years, the disposable gloves family grows larger and larger, until today it become biggest family in Canada. All members of BlackShield® GreenShield® CobaltShield® LightBlueShield® VioletShield® DimondShieldblack® DimondShieldOrange® BlackShield8® BlueShield8® LatexShield® BlueVmax® ClearVmax® BlueSynmax® BlackSynmax® PurpleSynmax® make the family has most choices of material, thickness, sizes and colors of course! And we are proudly to welcome new members of BlueShield+® BlackShield+® DeliShieldClear® DeliShieldBlue® will join and make the family bigger by 2023.