About Us

YUK Corporation (“YUKCO”) is a personal protective equipment (“PPE”) supplier which specializes in assisting food production companies. All our products are CFIA standard.  Supporting documents such as “Letter of Guarantee”, “Tractability Program”, “Third Party Authorized”, “SPEC Sheet”, “MSDS” are prepared by YUKCO and our suppliers.

YUKCO has been supplying over 100 food manufacturers for over 10 years. Our customers produce various food products such as Cheese, Dairy, Bakery, Seafood, Poultry, Candy, and Frozen Food. YUKCO focuses on supplying PPE to these companies including gloves, aprons, masks, and face shields.

Please reach out to us and find out more about YUKCO’s wide selection of products.

Clean Shield is our personal brand that is designed for food facilities. Clean Shield has a variety of options from disposable gloves to apparel. Our team ensures that the products are the highest quality and that our customers are wearing “Clean & Safe” products at their food facilities. Clean Shield’s goal is to not only protect our customers, but also emphasize the importance food safety.